Rats 'Healthier' on Organic Diet

February 23rd, 2005
A team of scientists found rats fed on organic food were slimmer, slept better and had stronger immune systems than others fed on conventionally-grown produce. Read more at Scotsman.com. more »

Kiore found in Waitutu Forest

February 21st, 2005
The Royal Society of New Zealand reports in the New Zealand Journal of Zoology that kiore were trapped in Waitutu Forest, Southland in 2002 and 2003. This was approximately 75 km south of the closest previously known surviving population. "Kiore may… more »

Snap Attack on Island Rats

February 3rd, 2005
The old saying “know your enemy” is as equally true for rodents as it is for Roman Legions. It is with this advice in mind that Department of Conservation Ranger Emily King will set out to undertake a survey to determine what type of rodent (rats and… more »