Distribution of Kiore

March 7th, 2005
Kiore are found in nearly all habitats, but don't like living near other types of rat. Kiore are found in nearly all habitats from urban areas to native bush including coastal regions, grasslands, wetlands. In Hawaii they are a major pest of sugar ca… more »

Telling the Kiore from other rats

March 7th, 2005
Kiore are the smallest and lightest of the three rats species we have most to do with. There are three species of rats with whom humans have a close association. They are the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), black rat (Rattus rattus), and kiore (Rattu… more »

Polynesian Rats (PDF)

March 7th, 2005
Description: Paper by Mark E. Tobin, Denver Wildlife Research Center on ther effects of kiore on sugar crops in Hawaii. Contains a brief discussion of the characteristics of the rat, the ways it damages the crop, and methods of harm reduction including… more »

We're moving

March 3rd, 2005
The rat is becoming real The Kiore.com website began as an experiment. It will shortly be shifted to proper hosting and made permanent. Where we are You'er seeing something hosted on a dial-up link. That's why we have outages and the address changes… more »

Scientists probe obesity of Hyderabad rats

February 23rd, 2005
NDTV reports that a colony of rats with a genetic predisposition to obesity has been found in the Indian city of Hyderbad. These 'sumo rats' are four times the weight of normal rats, weighing up to 1.4 kg. more »